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noah. 2012/11/12

actually, we are not playing any concerts at the moment (except for our annual christmas-show to come) due to the final stage of the recordings, but we make an exception for supporting NOAH. acoustically next saturday at the Kunsthure in Graz! we are not quite sure about what to play yet, but i guess, there are going to be some new songs off our upcoming album among it, so be there!

it’s november… 2012/11/09

…and the album recordings are still in progress. well, but we can tell you, we are really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. and that’s a promise!
stay tuned everyone,
and have a good one!

it’s august… 2012/08/08

…and we haven’t been posting for a while now, we know it all seems like a typical summer laziness, but we are very busy working behind the curtains, we aren’t playing any shows till september because the recording sessions for our debut-album are coming to an end, just some vocals left and then we are ready for the final drum- and brass-recordings, we are really happy with it!
we’ll keep you posted about the further happenings,
enjoy the lovely sunny days,
and take care.

graz! 2012/06/02

dear friends, we are truly looking forward to be seeing you tomorrow at the stadtfest in graz!

spring-shows 2012/05/05

hey everyone!
we are really looking forward to the rest of our spring-shows: vienna, graz, hamburg, berlin and munich! see you guys there!
have a good one!

shows 2012/02/29

hey everyone!
besides the recordings for our first album, we’re to play some shows as well in spring. Just check out our “shows”-page for more info.
We’ll be seeing you there,
enjoy the lovely weather,
and have a good one!

oh, dernit, already the 18th…!? 2012/01/18

We know, we are kinda late for new year’s wishes, but at least we want to say a big THANK YOU to every one for a lot of great shows in the past year! Besides the recordings for our debut album, there will be even more to come this year, we’ll see you there!
Have a good one,
and take care.

We can’t wait… 2011/12/20

…for our annual christmas-show tomorrow night at CafĂ© Prost in Graz! Open doors at 7pm, it’s starting at 8pm, and we are very happy that Fabian Luttenberger and Phil Harnik are going to be with us!
See you guys there,
it’s gonna be so lovely!

My Heart Is A Toy Plane 2011/12/05

Hi everyone!
Finally, we’ve managed to finalize one song of our upcoming debut-album, which we are working on for quite a while now. The song is called “My Heart Is A Toy Plane” and you can hear it on the lovely Radio Soundportal from now on. You can even vote it for the charts here, we’d really appreciate it, if you did so.
Thanks a lot,
have a good one,
and take care.

Tonight with Ezra Furman 2011/11/18

Dear friends!
Tonight, we’re supporting Ezra Furman on his solo-tour at Sublime in Aflenz. Thus, our set will be more reduced and acoustical as usual. We’re really looking forward to that, see you guys there!
take care.